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All about Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds have been a desiring and royal element in the jewelry segments for a long time. The color of it is mostly liked by the people. Emeralds are commonly wearable with all kinds of dresses in various occasions. Usually emerald goes well with the gold base. Gold helps to show the real beauty of emeralds with its yellowish color. Emeralds even do great with platinum. On a family dinner, wedding or any others occasions, emeralds help to glamorize the wearing person.

Emeralds are mostly used in earrings nowadays. In a short budget, condition diamond circled emeralds are most common. Diamonds give the emerald stone a more bold and shiny look. This combination is wearable in most of the occasions with any kind of dresses. But to use on a multicolor jewelry, it is recommended to match the color with the dress.

Emeralds should be wearied in a way that it glorifies the person’s inner beauty. Here are some tips to consider while wearing emeralds:

Type of the jewelry

Emeralds can be wearied in earrings, wedding rings, and other jewelry. To match the dress code emeralds should be wearied perfectly. Earrings are better simple, and necklaces are glamorized.


Once emeralds were considered as a fancy jewelry. It was not randomly wearable. But nowadays even in a family party emeralds are used significantly.

Matching with other jewelry

It should be taken in mind that emeralds are still considered as a high-class jewelry. And one should consider the matching with other jewelry because a simple emerald ornament is great in earring but in the fancy party, a simple emerald necklace is a blunder. And other ornaments must not outshine the beauty of emerald.

Make your hair

Emerald diamond earrings go well with simple hairstyles. The never going old backup hairstyles are better for emeralds. This type of styling will help the emerald stone get notified easily.

Dress code

A contrast color outfit will help the emerald get easily notified. Black is an ideal color to wear emeralds.

Emeralds are desirable gifts for women. It is a sophisticated and dreamy gift for women. Before buying an emerald jewelry, some point should be considered:

The Metal

The metal of the jewelry plays an important role. Yellow gold or platinum are ideal for emeralds. Yellow gold shines brighter and compliments the color of emeralds. Platinum gives emeralds a shiny and glamorized look. Choosing the perfect metal is a term of personal preferences. Some might choose platinum over yellow gold.

The shape

The shape of the stone must be considered. Round or princes' shape is most commonly used. One can opt for other shapes. Another most commonly used is the face shape of the person. To choose the shape, one must bear in mind that the jewelry represents the person.

Prong Settings

Prong settings are another most important thing. Four or six prongs are mostly used. But one can choose three prongs too. It is a matter of personal preferences.